Personal Injury

Experience When You Need It Most

No one plans to get hurt in an accident. The consequences of a serious accident can have a ripple effect on every layer of your life. One moment you’re busy with work, family, and daily tasks and the next minute you’re thrust into the chaos of an accident you didn’t ask for and certainly didn’t deserve. Now you must deal with physical pain, property damage, emotional and mental stress, financial loss, and long-term economic and physical trauma.

Legal Guidance for All Types of Injuries

Keane Law Firm, attorney Ed Keane has devoted his entire practice to helping the victims of car accidents, wrongful death cases, and work-related injuries. Personal injuries come in all shapes and sizes. Each case is different, just as each person is unique. Over the years, however, he has learned what works for his clients. More than anything else, they value personal attention, compassion, determination, and real results. He assists clients who have been hurt in a wide variety of accidents, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Premises liability claims
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Truck accidents
  • Work-related cases
  • Drunk driver accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Dog attacks

No matter what type of injury you’re facing, he is confident he can work with you to identify the responsible party and obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

Wholly Committed to Client Care

Personal injuries are just that: personal. In more than three decades of personal injury practice, Ed has developed an approach that places clients at the center of everything he does. Here is what he will do for you:

Treat You with Dignity, Respect, and Compassion

When you’re moving through the justice system, you don’t always get an opportunity to be heard. You have to depend on your lawyer to tell your story. If your attorney can’t be bothered to listen to you, how can he accurately represent you in court or around the settlement table? Ed takes time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and guide you confidently through the complexities of the legal system.

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are large corporations that want to make money. And, they are not your friends, no matter how friendly their representatives might seem. When you’re already dealing with the burden of injuries and property damage, you don’t need the added burden of insurance company negotiations. Ed takes over the negotiation process to maximize any possible settlement and obtain a full and fair judgment should litigation become necessary.

Be Accessible and Responsive

In an age of email and smartphones, Ed still makes house calls. When you call Keane Law Firm to ask a question or to get an update about your case, you will get Ed on the phone. If he’s not available right that moment, he will return your call in a reasonable amount of time. This isn’t just a case, it’s your life. Ed understands how all-consuming a personal injury can feel when you’re going through it. At Keane Law Firm, you are never left in the dark about your case.

Talk to Ed about Your Case

If you have been injured due to another person’s negligence, or you have lost a family member in a wrongful death situation, it’s important to act quickly. If you delay pursuing your rights, you may lose your chance to file a claim. Keane Law Firm offers complimentary initial consultations. Call Ed today at 712-234-3088 to discuss your case.