Workers’ Compensation

Experienced Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Getting hurt on the job is a scary experience. When your livelihood is on the line, you need help and you need it fast. This is when having an experienced Iowa workers’ compensation attorney in your corner really counts. Workers’ compensation insurance is a no-fault system, which means you’re entitled to benefits regardless of whether you’re responsible for your injury. Work-related accidents can happen anywhere, from snow-covered office parking lots to dangerous construction sites. At Keane Law Firm, attorney Ed Keane has helped Iowa’s workers for over 30 years.

Fighting for Your Benefits

The workers’ compensation system is complex. Obtaining benefits is not just a matter of filling out some paperwork. Although many people receive their benefits with no difficulty, others encounter unfair denials and employer retaliation, which is unlawful. Ed is proud to represent the hard-working men and women who are the backbone of our state’s economy. If you have been hurt at work, you may be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Lost wages
  • Permanent disability compensation
  • Temporary disability compensation
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling
  • Surgery costs
  • Medical benefits
  • Reconstructive costs
  • Tests
  • Rehabilitation costs

Although some of these benefits are straightforward, others are more difficult to calculate. To ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation available, you need an experienced advocate on your side.

For example, if you’re eligible for permanent disability compensation, the amount you receive depends on which part of your body you injured. The Commission calculates injuries to fingers, hands, arms, toes, feet, and legs according to an established formula. Injuries to your head, neck, back, shoulder, or hip, however, are not so easily calculated and depend upon a variety of factors, including your age, work experience, education, and permanent work restrictions. These factors affect your loss of earning capacity, also known as industrial disability. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will help you achieve the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. Ed has more than 30 years’ experience representing injured workers, and he knows what it takes to win.

Obtaining Justice for Injured Workers and Their Families

Whether you need to file a new claim or pursue benefits for a claim that has been denied, Ed can help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits to which and your family are entitled. You work hard to provide for the people you care about. Ed will work just as hard for you. You owe nothing unless he recovers a settlement on your behalf. Call Keane Law Firm today at 712-234-3088 to discuss your case.