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The Top 5 Most Common Workplace Injuries

women on hospital bed with leg injury from work

Getting injured in the workplace can be a scary experience. When you’re hurt at work, you must deal with physical pain and the uncertainty of knowing your livelihood might be compromised by your injury. If you pursue a workers’ compensation claim, you may worry that your employer will retaliate against you. This is why it’s […]

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Employees vs. Independent Contractors and Workers’ Compensation Benefits


Because Iowa law does not require employers to provide workers’ compensation benefits to independent contractors, it is very important for workers to know whether they qualify as an employee or an independent contractor. It’s also critical for workers to recognize that some employers misclassify their workers – whether intentional or not – which can unfairly […]

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Social Media Use and Your Workers’ Compensation Case


These days, many people maintain one or more social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People use social media to stay connected with friends and family by sharing pictures and updates about their daily activities. In recent years, however, social media has begun to play a prominent role in various areas of law, […]

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Workers’ Compensation Penalty Benefits Explained

Doctor examining the back of injured worker

Under Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law, injured employees are entitled to fair treatment and prompt penalty benefits. Furthermore, employers and workers’ compensation insurance carriers are prohibited from delaying, denying, or terminating benefits in the absence of a “reasonable or probable cause or excuse.” Unreasonable and excessively long delays can result in a penalty of up to […]

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